Enhance management

Enhance management

Advanced ERP


Are you looking for solutions to make your ERP more flexible and efficient?

We offer solutions tested across the globe that support accounting, sales, logistics, production, support and project management departments. Easy implementation and open architecture together with the options providing your in-house IT team with the full system administration capabilities are what makes us special.


Would you like to reduce the maintenance costs of an aging architecture?

Do not pay for old versions of operating systems & databases! Our solution supports the latest Microsoft technologies, can be run in cloud, easily integrates & evolves with rising trends.


Do you need greater support in new business areas?

The modern ERPs allow treatng clients individually, analyzing data efficiently, connecting with supplier’s & customer’s systems, and even managing production & handling custom orders.


Is your growing company in need of an ERP system with international support?

We see our clients from Poland growing and opening branches throughout Europe. Using one centralized ERP system facilitates the process of managing the entire company. Our solution is adaptable to many countries, has over 30 language versions, and offers compliance with legislative requirements of the European countries and most of the world.

Saving time and money
Faster decision-making
Optimization of the company management process
Increased opportunities for international growth
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Case study

# ERP Data-driven smart manufacturing
Customer: Big Ass Fans Tool: Epicor ERP Date: 2019
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# ERP All about effectiveness
Customer: Sistema Plastics Tool: Epicor ERP, Mattec MES Date: 2019
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Magdalena Kwaśny LinkedIn
Magdalena Kwaśny
Business Development Manager
Catalin Mihuta LinkedIn
Catalin Mihuta
Project Manager

Catalin has more than 15 years’ experience in the IT industry as a consultant and project manager. His expertise in consulting offers an impressive advantage for a successful implementation. Catalin also has solid project management and financial-accounting knowledge gained in many projects.
Catalin is responsible for matching iScala and Epicor ERP functionality to client requirements, designing iScala and Epicor ERP systems, collecting data and conducting test run, analyzing the training needs of the client’s staff, and performing training and continuous business optimization covering all Financials and Logistics modules.
Catalin likes co-operation with clients and is familiar with all stages of implementation, like analysis of Client needs, defining the project, developing prototype, training, data imports, tests, and go-live support.
Catalin took part and managed many implementations, as a functional, technical consultant, and project manager in various business industries, related to distribution, and manufacturing of different goods: foods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, profiles, filters, tires .ires, and aluminum.

Maria Sabiniewicz LinkedIn
Maria Sabiniewicz
Enterprise Sales Director

Maria has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry; as a consultant, project manager, department manager, and finally, professional services and sales director responsible for several countries in Central Europe. She is experienced in business analysis, process optimization, and project management. An enthusiast of process optimization and automation believes that technology enables people to work smarter than longer. Tireless in promoting artificial intelligence among different companies that may find new advanced technologies challenging. Always open to new ideas and approaches.

Piotr Krzysztoporski LinkedIn
Piotr Krzysztoporski
Vice President Mindbox, ERP & IPA Practise Director

Piotr Krzysztoporski – in the ERP industry for over 20 years as a consultant, project manager, department manager and finally professional services director responsible for several countries in Central East Europe. Experienced in business analysis, optimization of processes, and project management. For over a year, an enthusiast of Robotic Process Automation tools. We will present how we see a modern business organization using Robotic Process Automation solutions as a tool to build a competitive advantage.

Agnieszka Hermaniuk LinkedIn
Agnieszka Hermaniuk
Project Manager

Agnieszka supports her clients in the ERP systems implementations (iScala and Epicor), as a Business Consultant and a Project Manager. She has managed various projects as a Project Manager in Poland as well as in other countries across the world, e.g., in the US, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Asia. Since 2018 he has been certified with PMP (Project Management Professional). After hours she loves skating, biking, and skiing in the wintertime.

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