Accelerate change

Accelerate change

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Would you like your company to gain the flexibility of a start-up?

Our diverse team of experts has a broad range of Cloud Native skills, with a focus on programmable infrastructure and microservices. We combine our expertise and knowledge in modern Cloud infrastructure and Cloud Native software delivery, as well as strategy and operations to create unique digital advantages that help you innovate at speed and scale. We build secure Kubernetes based production environments and CI/CD pipelines for the most demanding large scale enterprise clients.


Wouldn't you like to increase the speed of implementation of new services?

Kubernetes accelerates software development so developers can spend their time writing code instead of configuring the infrastructure. Our Cloud Native and Kubernetes solution expert engineers and architects work with clients who are introducing or working on cloud native technologies, and drive accelerated adoption of Containers and Kubernetes to decrease time to market for client’s mission critical services.


Do you want to avoid vendor lock-in for your new infrastructure?

By standardizing your software development on Kubernetes and open source tools for Cloud Native application delivery pipeline, which runs in any cloud or data center, it’s easy to manage software running on multiple clouds, and you’re free to move your workloads around to another cloud, or back on-prem.

Faster implementation of new services
Help in avoiding vendor lock-in
Cost reduction
Improved application's quality
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Case study

# Cloud Native How to speed up software development, deployment and maintenance in large organisations thanks to using automation
Customer: One of Europe’s largest media and telecommunications groups Tool: Agile, Devops Date: 2021
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Customer: Technogaja Tool: Epicor ERP Date: 2020
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Łukasz Sztachański LinkedIn
Łukasz Sztachański
Cloud Engineer

Lukasz Sztachanski is involved with Cloud and Data-center as an engineer and architect since 2007. He has experience managing and scaling resources at large hosting companies, designing systems in public and private clouds, and developing and optimizing container-based platforms (Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift). During his career, he participated in digital transformation from a legacy monolithic approach to fully redundant and managed microservices.
Due to his experience in managing and developing large environments (1k+ instances), he is a fan of full automation, infrastructure as a code, and programmatic logic for application management.

Piotr Żeromski LinkedIn
Piotr Żeromski
CEO Mindbox
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